Keysafe Code Setting Instructions

Please read the Keysafe code setting instructions below and test the Keysafe combination before placing the lid on the Keysafe. The Keysafe Lid will not work if the combination is set incorrectly. For greater security, please change the combination periodically.


Improperly setting the combination is not covered under the Keysafe Warranty.

Write down your code and keep it in a safe place.
The Keysafe cannot be opened without your code. There is no master or default code.

Selecting Your Combination

keysafe open button clear button

Look at the front of the Keysafe. You will see buttons numbered 1 through 0. You will also see an OPEN button and a CLEAR Button.
There is no preset combination on your Keysafe. You will select your own combination. Select a combination between four and seven numbers in your combination. Each number can only be used one time. Do not use number combinations that can be easily guessed such as your phone number, vehicle license plate or street address. Select a combination and safely record it.

Setting Your Combination

keysafe code setting buttons on off

Press down on the CLEAR button.
Then press down on the OPEN button and pull out on the lid.

keysafe code setting on button off button

Remove the plastic card from the back of the lid by lifting from the center of the edges.
You will see ten numbered gray buttons with arrows.
These numbers correspond to the numbered buttons on the front of the lid.
There is no preset combination so all the arrows on the screws point to the OFF position. Arrows pointing to the OFF position are not part of combination.

keysafe code setting card

Use the screwdriver tip on the plastic card or a small screwdriver to push and rotate the arrows.
For each number in your combination, apply light pressure and rotate a 180 degree turn so that the arrow points to the ON position and snaps up.
Arrows rotated a 180 degree turn to the ON position are part of your combination.

keysafe test code buttons before replacing lid

CAUTION : Check to make sure that all buttons have snapped back up and are all pointing to the ON or OFF position. Arrows must point either to the ON or OFF position or the Keysafe may be damaged.
If any arrow is pointing sideways or has not snapped up, the combination will not work and the Keysafe may be damaged.

Test the combination before putting the lid back on the Keysafe.
Replace the plastic card on the back of the lid.

keysafe test code buttons before replacing lid

Attach keys to the key clip.

Testing your combination

keysafe test code buttons before replacing lid

On the front of the lid, push in the numbered buttons that are in your combination.
You will notice each button will CLICK as it is pressed.
Press down on the OPEN button.
If the combination is set correctly, the OPEN button will slide down fully. If the combination was set incorrectly, the OPEN button will not slide down. If set incorrectly, DO NOT RETURN THE LID TO THE KEYSAFE. Press the CLEAR button and reset combination